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Dining Menu

Since our founding our menu has been growing and expanding the same as we have. We use the freshest ingredients in every order to ensure that your food has the best possible flavor. Each day our employees prepare the dough that will be used in our pizzas and breads. We do this for our customers, to provide them with the best food possible. It's the attention to these details that put us a step ahead of the competition.

Our menu covers a number of different areas to include: Appetizers, fresh salads with homemade dressings, pizzas with fresh dough, multiple pasta dishes, 16 different calzones, and a plethora of hot oven sandwiches. All of our items are prepared with fresh spices that are imported from around the world. Each morning while our dough is being prepared some of our other employees are hard at work mixing the spices that will be used to season our delicious dishes. Come on down to the Big Cheese and taste the authentic flavors today.

Take-out Menu

Don't have the time to come in and sit down to enjoy your meal, no problem! Here at The Big Cheese we offer a large take-out menu. In fact, our take-out menu has all of the same items as our dinning in menu. You can expect the same great taste and attention to detail in very meal we prepare. The same high quality spices and seasoning and fresh dough is used in all of our take-out items. Our food is just as amazing whether is eaten in or taken out.

Contact us if you have any questions about the menu or to place an order. We pride ourselves at The Big Cheese on our take-out because it is where we started from and has allowed us to grow into much more than just take-out restaurant. We are open 7 days a week and take-out is always an option on any day. Check out the menu and print yourself a copy, for the next time you want to place a take-out order. You will not be disappointed with the choice that you make!

View a PDF version of our menu